Afro-Futurism and Why Black Lives Matter

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The writer, the director, and the cast are preparing for the premiere of Afro-Futurism.  Play write William Eason and Director Nicholia Aquirre have put together a thought and emotion provoking play that ask what if there was never slavery and Blacks had the same opportunity as Whites.  Kick, Trevor, and Darlene have a paradigm shift in their thinking when they are introduced to historically Black figures that never had to deal with racism.  Does Blacks place in history still have an impact on the current and future status of Blacks?  The Guru will introduce these teenagers to Rosa Parks and Huey P. Newton in a place in time when racism didn’t exist.  Will their experiences in the past change their Afro-Future?  The Audience will not only see this play but, they will feel it!  Can you paradigm?  It only takes a small amount of time to make a shift in how you think.

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